Our Story

Olives have been with us from the beginning. A constant in our lives for over a hundred years. It’s still a family business today. In fact, four generations of the Camacho family have grown and processed olives in the sunny Spanish groves of Andalusia.

When you’ve been close to olives for such a long time, you learn some things along the way. So perhaps, it’s not surprising that we’ve become known as a leader in new product and packaging innovation, environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and making continuous improvements to provide the absolute highest quality in products and service.

Today, we offer so much more than olives. Peppers, capers, onions, olive oil, cherries, jams and preserves, and herbal medicinal teas have joined them. Our brands include Mario, Fragata, La Vieja Fabrica, Stovit and Susaron. Mario Camacho Foods now offers all sorts of healthy goodness – no wonder the typical response is mmm…

Our Mission

If you love good food, you’re in good company. From farm to table, we grow, nurture, process and deliver good food that’s good for you. And when we say “good,” we mean really tasty, and bursting with irresistible, delicious bold flavor that’s so reminiscent of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. But our mission goes far beyond just tasting good. We care about what goes into Mario products because we want you to fill your kitchen with high quality, healthy food you love. 

Our Activism

We care about doing the right thing. Our goal is to provide products, packaging and services that delight consumers and customers while allowing us to provide growth opportunities for employees, give back to the community, and respect the world in which we live.

Kids Can Cook!

Have you met Ollie the Olive? He’s our company mascot. He loves to promote the benefits of healthy eating and share recipes that children not only love to eat, but love to make!

Hurricane Relief

When disaster strikes, it feels good to know we can help. During Hurricane Katrina Mario Camacho Foods donated cases upon cases and pallets of our product to help with the need for food supplies. Hundreds of cases were sent to local food banks to feed those displaced by the storm.

Operation Gratitude: Olive our Troops

The mission of Operation Gratitude is to lift morale, bring a smile to a service member's face and to express to all troops the appreciation and support of the American people. To date, over 600,000 care packages have been shipped to challenging regions such as Iraq, Afghanistan and ships around the world! The care packages contain snacks, drinks and sweets, clothing, personal care products, entertainment items and small electronics.

Our Sustainability

We support sustainable and safe methods of food production that respect the world in which we live.


Respecting our Earth and environment by preventing pollution, reducing waste, conserving energy and applying alternative energy technology is our objective. Mario has the only plant in the olive sector that produces zero waste water!


Installing the latest in x-ray equipment and more efficient, less energy using packaging systems has helped us live up to our mantra; Minimize and Reuse vs. Elimination. We have also reduced our electrical consumption by 10% and have our own dedicated Environmental Quality Department, set up in 2001 and overseen by employees.


We’ve achieved big things by implementing over 600 changes aimed at reducing our water consumption and preventing environmental incidents in our production facilities. Investing in our future with automatic control systems and ultra efficient equipment we have reduced our total water consumption by 79% our water waste to ZERO. Recycling pits, redesign of our sewage system and reduction of electricity are just some of the many additional green methods we have adopted.

Social Responsibility

We take it very serious!

At Mario we understand it is OUR responsibility to voluntarily oversee our social and environmental impact. Today there is more pressure on corporations to behave responsibly, and through education and community awareness we will continue to maintain our ethical standards.